Jill Jacobs

Jill’s path to opening a Montessori school was paved by her experience of raising a child with autism. She homeschooled her daughter for many years and developed an interest in integrated manual therapy, homeopathy and occupational therapy as she helped Sophie meet multiple challenges, including the possibility that she might never walk. Today Sophie is a graduate of a specialized post secondary program for young adults, lives independently and works part time.

The gift of a child with special needs set Jill on her own educational path, which included studying psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Southern Maine and doing work toward a masters degree in Integrated Manual Therapy. “Taking Sophie to therapies from a very early age helped me to learn other people, and seeing how they learn the world,” Jill says. 

Jill completed her early childhood Montessori training through North American Montessori Center in April 2018. She continues to access learning opportunities in Montessori methods.  Before opening Brunswick Montessori with, Jill’s career was driven by entrepreneurship and community building. From 2012 until spring of 2017, she ran The Mix in Brunswick, an art supply store that featured work by local Maine makers, from fashion to home goods, and gave Jill the space to also continue her work as a colorist and stylist. 




Iris came to us to begin her career as school mascot from New Hampshire in March of 2017. She enjoys being with children, helping them learn about how to care for her and she even leaves the materials on the shelves for the students to discover and work with themselves! 

While Iris is not working in the school or Jill's studio, she enjoys running fast, jumping high and retrieving balls.

She looks forward to a long and loving position at Brunswick Montessori!